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Weapons Policy

All weapons or weapon facsimiles (props), whether bladed or projectile, must be “peace-bonded” in a visible manner in such a way that the weapon is rendered safe and harmless while at the convention. Take them to Convention Operations (in the Boardroom), and they will be glad to peace-bond your weapon for the duration of the con. Weapons to be used in the Masquerade must be cleared with the Masquerade Director before use. Also, they must be carried to and from the Masquerade Green Room wrapped up.

If you purchase a weapon/prop in the Dealers Room, you must take it either immediately to Con-Ops to be peace-bonded or directly to your hotel room or car.

If it looks like a real gun, this means any handgun, rifle, or assault weapon – Please Leave It at Home!

We say this as the LAX police and Homeland Security both have a “realistic weapons” policy and they will not hesitate to shoot first. We want to see all our fans have a great and safe convention.

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