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LOSCON is Los Angeles’ longest running Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, held Thanksgiving weekend by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS).

Like all organized SF fandom conventions, Loscon is run by volunteers. Amateurs and professionals join as panelists (and a number of rooms host competing panels). There’s open discussion plus snacks in the con suite, a dealers room, an art show, nighttime parties in hotel rooms, dances, singing, gaming, and other activities.

Think of a fan-run convention as a family reunion, except that the attendees are related by common interests instead of by genetic ties.

Each year’s Loscon has its own name and theme, selected by the con chair, who is one of a number of candidates approved by the LASFS Board of Directors and then chosen by the vote of attendees at a Club meeting.

By Convention, Date & Guests of Honor

LA 2000December 5-7, 1975none
Loscon 2October 15-17, 1976none
Loscon 3April 1-3, 1977none
Loscon 4November 4-6, 1977Jerry Pournelle
Loscon 5November 3-5, 1978Robert Bloch
Loscon 6November 10-12, 1979A. E. van Vogt
Loscon 7November 28-30, 1980Larry Niven, Alva Rogers
Loscon 8November 6-8, 1981William Rotsler, Len Moffatt & June Moffatt
Loscon 9November 26-28, 1982Poul Anderson, Milt Stevens
Loscon 10November 25-27, 1983Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Fuzzy Pink Niven John Myers Myers
Loscon ElevenNovember 23-25, 1984Curt Siodmak, Forrest J Ackerman, Bill Warren
Loscon 12November 29-December 1, 1985Robert Silverberg, Terry Carr, Daniel Pinkwater
Loscon 13thNovember 28-30, 1986John Brunner, Bruce Pelz & Elayne Pelz
Loscon XIVNovember 27-29, 1987C. J. Cherryh, Tom Whitmore
Loscon FifteenNovember 25-27, 1988Vonda McIntyre, Stan Woolston, Patricia Davis
Loscon SixteenNovember 24-26, 1989Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, Erin McKee, John Trimble, Bjo Trimble
Loscon 17November 23-25, 1990Barry B. Longyear, Reed Waller, Kate Worley, Ben Yalow, George Alec Effinger
Loscon 18November 29-December 1, 1991Mike Resnick, Brad Foster, Allan Rothstein
Loscon 19November 27-29, 1992Barbara Hambly, Don Maitz, David Hartwell, Mike Glyer
Loscon 20November 26-28, 1993Roger Zelazny, Rick Sternbach, Paul Turner
Loscon 21November 25-27, 1994Lois McMaster Bujold, Alicia Austin, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robbie Cantor, Julius Schwartz
Loscon 22November 24-26, 1995Bob Shaw, Lubov, Larry Stewart
Loscon XXIIINovember 29-December 1, 1996Harry Turtledove, Vincent Di Fate, Bob Null
Loscon XXIVNovember 28-30, 1997S. M. Stirling, Mitchell Davidson Bentley, Geri Sullivan, J. Michael Straczynski
Loscon 25November 27-29, 1998David Brin, Sue Dawe, Marjii Ellers
Loscon XXVINovember 26-28, 1999Connie Willis, Alex Ross, Joe Siclari
Loscon 27November 25-27, 2000Orson Scott Card, Bob Eggleton, Harry Knowles, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Frank Kelly Freas, Craig Miller & Genny Dazzo
Loscon 28November 23-25, 2001Patricia C. Wrede, Chris Butler, Lynn Gold
Loscon 29November 29-December 1, 2002David Weber, Nene Thomas, Patty Wells, Nichelle Nicholas
Loscon 30November 28-30, 2003Fred Saberhagen, Teddy Harvia, Jack L. Chalker, Armin Shimmerman
Loscon 31November 26-28, 2004Tim Powers, Wendy Pini, James Stanley Daugherty, Kathryn Daugherty, David Gerrold
Loscon 32November 25-27, 2005Steven Brust, Rowena Morrill, Bruce Farr
Loscon 33November 24-26, 2006William Tenn, Bernie Wrightson, Fred Patten
Loscon 34November 23-25, 2007Robert J. Sawyer, Theresa Mather, Capt. David West Reynolds, James Robinson
Loscon 35November 28-30, 2008John Scalzi, Gary Lippincott, Michael Siladi
Loscon 36November 27-29, 2009Steve Barnes & Tananarive Due, Tim Rickard, Christian B. McGuire
Loscon 37November 26-28, 2010Emma Bull, Phil Foglio, Kim Brown & Jordan Brown
Loscon 38November 24-27, 2011John DeChancie, Rick Serfoss, Aldo Spadoni, John Hertz
Loscon 39November 23-25, 2012Vernor Vinge, Alan White, Mela Hoyt-Heydon, Lloyd Penney & Yvonne Penney
Loscon 40November 29-December 1, 2013Catherynne M. Valente, Betsy Mitchell, Sarah Clemens, Mike Donahue
Loscon 41November 28-30, 2014J. Michael Straczynski, Richard Hescox, Shawn Crosby & Colleen Crosby
Loscon 42November 27-29, 2015David Mattingly, Bobbi Armbruster, Jim C. Hines, Douglas Adams, Cal Cotton
Loscon 43November 25-27, 2016David Gerrold, Peri Charlifu, Nick Smith
Loscon 44November 24-26, 2017Carrie Vaughn, Jane Espenson, Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley
Loscon 45November 23-25, 2018Seanan McGuire, R. K. Milholland, Taliesin Jaffe
Loscon 46November 29-December 1, 2019Howard Waldrop, Edie Stern, Moshe Feder
Loscon 47November 26-28, 2021Gregory Benford, Jeff Sturgeon, Dennis Cherry, Kristine Cherry
Loscon 48November 25-27, 2022Tanya Huff, Dave Kellert, Susan Fox & Gene Turnbow, Alexander James Adams
Loscon 49November 24-26, 2023Peter S. Beagle, Echo Chernik, Elayne Pelz

Information provided courtesy of Fanac.org.

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