Calling All Adventurers: Embark on a Quest with Us!

Embark on a magical quest and become a key player in the realm of fantasy by volunteering for LOSCON! Dive into the pages of a living legend and answer the call to join our fellowship. By offering your services, you'll unlock the gates to a world of wonder with a slightly reduced badge price, granting you access to the most enchanting corners of our fantastical gathering!

As a volunteer, you wield the power to shape the destiny of this mythical event. Your dedication ensures the smooth flow of magic, creating an atmosphere that transcends reality. Join us on this epic journey, where your efforts not only earn you the gratitude of your fellow questers but also make you an integral part of a community bound by a shared love for all things mystical.

Gear up in your finest elven armor, grasp your magical staff, and be a hero in the enchanted tapestry of LOSCON! Seize the opportunity to be part of the fantasy adventure, where volunteers aren't mere mortals—they're the legendary champions of our mystical saga! Answer the call, and together, let's make this convention a spellbinding journey through the realms of fantasy!

Take Heed!!

A contract (waiver) must be signed before a quest can be undertaken! See the Wandering Guildmaster at Registration or seek the Guild of Volunteers desk. Those who have not reached the age of independent questing must have their guardian sign the form.

Multiple realms of LOSCON are looking for questors, will you step up to the challenge?

Ready to Embark?

Take a leap into the unknown by completing the enchanted form below. Join forces with us and let your imagination soar higher than the stars!

Need guidance or wish to decode more mysteries? Communicate with our Guild of Volunteers at losconvolunteers0@gmail.com.

Spread the word among fellow adventurers and quest-seekers! Together, let's expand our fellowship and unravel the extraordinary.

Need a Questor?

Contact the Guild of Volunteers by submitting this form, or contact Info Desk for our Wandering Guildmaster’s location.