November 25th -27th, 2022

Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Blood Drive

The Blood Drive will again be brought to you by the same people you've seen for the past 32 years - Dennis & Kristine Cherry.
Every year we choose a theme that coincides with the theme of the convention, but when one of the most prominent blood donors of LASFS passed away in May, we decided to dedicate this year's Blood Drive in his honor.
This year will henceforth be knows as the Karl B. Lembke Memorial Blood Drive.
Avoid the rush. Sign up for the blood drive ahead of the convention

by clicking on the big red button below.

Enter the zip code 90045, hit "Find A Drive", then scroll down to November 27.

Our drive at the Marriott Hotel is the first one listed.

Sign Up!
Donors can also speed up the process by doing the per-donation and health history questionnaire online the day of their donation using the Rapid Pass system HERE and use the same zip code, 90045.
Karl Lembke

Past Year's Blood Drives