Karl B. Kofoed

Artist Guest of Honor

Meet Karl Kofoed

Karl Kofoed is a graphic artist with over 30 years of experience. He started as a technical illustrator for the aerospace industry, then as an art director and scenic designer for television. Karl’s other career is that of an award winning science fiction illustrator. He is well known to the East Coast SF community and has done scores of book covers and interior illustrations for magazines like Analog and Asimov’s SF Magazine.

Karl is perhaps best known for his lavishly illustrated Galactic Geographic feature which has appeared in Heavy Metal magazine in two incarnations. It began in 1980 and ran for two years, then resumed in 1998 and continued until 2008. His pieces feature diverse and imaginative views of living alien worlds and a distinctive documentary style, which have set Karl’s work apart from others in his field.

Karl has always regarded the Galactic Geographic material as a single work of art, and using his computer he single-handedly designed, wrote, illustrated, and produced the Galactic Geographic Annual 3003, which he describes as a nature magazine from the future.

Get to know Karl thru his work. Feel free to visit his website Memories-Restored.net