Edie Stern

Fan Guest of Honor

Meet Edie Stern

Co-winner (with husband Joe Siclari) of the Big Heart Award, presented at MidAmericon II, 2016

Webmaster of the FANAC Fan History Project website.
Chair or co-chair of Tropicon VII, Smofcon 18, and FanHistoricon 10.
Editor of the FANAC Fanhistory Project on YouTube, and the Newszine Project on fanac.org .

Often cited as “one of the most intelligent people of the computer age,” and holds over 100 patents for technological innovations used in telephones, digital media, video conferencing, self-driving cars, and the internet.

Recently retired from IBM, she has been named a “Distinguished Engineer,” and won the 2012 Kate Gleason Award for lifetime achievement in technology from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).