Chair Matthew B. Tepper Contact Chair
Executive Assistant to Chair Eylat Poliner Contact Chief Assistant
Access Marcia Minsky Contact Access
Art Show Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink & Jerome Scott Contact Art Show
Autographs Regina Reynante Contact Autographs
Badge Artwork William Rotsler
Blood Drive Dennis Cherry & Kristine Cherry Contact Blood Drive
Children’s Programming Laura Korp Contact Childrens Programming
Costume Ball James Nolan Contact Masquerade
Costume Repair Station Victor Shapero and Company Contact Costume Repair
Dealers Elayne Pelz Contact Dealers
Electronic Gaming Edwin Grace Contact Egaming
Fan Tables Eylat Poliner Contact Fan Tables
Filk Lee & Barry Gold Contact Filk
GOH Liaison Julia Ree Contact Guest Liasion
Graphic Design Kim Rose Contact Graphic Design
Hall Costume Awards Regina Reynante Contact Hall Costumes
Hospitality Karl Lembke, Hanalena Fennel, Eylat Poliner, Lynn Baden Contact Hospitality
Hotel Jason Justice, Loren Justice, Joyce Lloyd Contact Hotel
Howard Waldrop Film Festival Tom Safer Contact Filmfest
Ice Cream Social Mark Poliner Contact Ice Cream
Information C. Anita Nuñez Contact Info
Marketing Michelle Pincus Contact Marketing
Office Joyce Sperling, Debra Levin (second) Contact Office
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Program Ops Alison Stern Contact Program Ops
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