Chair’s Message

More Than a Few Words About Loscon:

Welcome to Loscon 46!

Whether this is your first science fiction convention, or your three-hundredth, you’re in for a fun time!   Cons can be devoted to a particular author, television show, or motion picture franchise, to a particular costuming style and historical recreation, or to any other special interest shared by a group.  But Loscon is a general-interest science fiction and fantasy convention, meant to be enjoyed by devotees of all of these interests, and more.

A few words about the theme:  The theme of Loscon 46 is “Where Science Fiction Meets Fantasy.” It means that  we’re hoping to get you to think about the interesting ways SF and fantasy are similar and different, how they overlap or conflict, how they are sometimes confused and yet can even be combined. These are issues that have been debated for decades and which have taken on new significance in an age in which our favorite genres have become so popular.

If that strikes you as a bit abstract, I suggest that the key word is the verb “to meet.”  A convention is for meeting old friends; meeting new friends; and meeting new ideas, new designs, new costumes, perhaps even some new foods.  It can be an opportunity to expand your knowledge, or just to kick back and relax.  Here you will find writers and fans (always my favorite reasons for attending conventions), artists, cosplayers, musicians, books, films, stories, lectures, discussions, and maybe a couple of flavors of ice cream you haven’t tried before.

A few words about the Los Angeles Airport Marriott:   If you’ve attended conventions at the LAX Marriott before, you’re probably not finding the venue as familiar as you expected. The Marriott has done a complete refresh of their convention facilities, and much of the hotel besides. Yes, they’ve replaced the old weird-looking carpets with entirely new weird-looking carpets.

Most disorienting may be the changes in the function room names.  We’ve tried to help by giving both the old and new room names in the program.  The volunteers at the Information desk will also be happy to assist you. This handy table summarizes the changes:

Old Room Name New Room Name
Meridian 2 Aviation 2
Houston California 1
St. Louis California 2
Philadelphia Los Angeles 1
Saddlebrook Los Angeles 2
New Orleans Los Angeles 3
Scottsdale Pacific Coast 1
Atlanta Pacific Coast 2
Boston Pacific Coast 3
Chicago Pacific Coast 4
Dallas Pacific Coast 5
Denver Pacific Coast 6


A few words about Loscon’s sponsoring organization, LASFS.  The Los Angeles Science Fiction League was formed in 1934 as the sixth chapter of the Science Fiction League, an organization created as a ploy to boost the circulation of Hugo Gernsback’s Wonder Stories.  Now, as the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc., it continues to serve as the heart of the Los Angeles fan community. We meet every Thursday (even Thanksgiving), no matter what, and have done so in a variety of locations, including a series of clubhouses that we have owned.  At present, LASFS is meeting in rented halls, having sold our third clubhouse in the hopes of finding a bigger and better one.  To learn more about LASFS, and what we do, check out our website at

A few words about conventions, and memberships:  Many conventions and conferences will sell you a “ticket” so that you may attend.  A ticket gets you entry to a performance, a lecture, or an exhibit.  But we like to think that attendees at Loscon are participants.  That’s why your badge denotes you as a member, not a mere onlooker.

A few words about the badge art:  You may have noticed the charming artwork on your badge.  They are the product of the fecund mind and hand of LASFS member Bill Rotsler.  Though Bill passed away in 1997, those of us who knew him remember a generous, good-natured man who was quick to smile, give praise, and tell stories, and even quicker with pen and paper.  Bill left a legacy of fiction (science fiction and, er, other things), and an enormous amount of art.  His cartoon style was unmistakable; simple lines evoking an alien landscape or creature, humorous people defined in a few strokes, or funny fannish situations.  Even twenty-two years since leaving us, he is still illustrating fan publications, because he left stacks of unpublished drawings with his friends.  Marty Cantor and Tony Benoun generously made their archives of Bill’s sketches available, and Tony and I made the final selection.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

A few words about the Art Show:  Here is where you can see works from both fans and pros (including some past Loscon Artist Guests of Honor).  Some of these works are available for sale or auction; consult the Art Show rules.  There is also an exhibit devoted to winners of the Rotsler Award, named for Bill Rotsler (see above).

And while you’re in the Art Show, be sure to visit the FANAC table, where Joe Siclari (a former Loscon Fan Guest of Honor, as well as husband of Edie Stern, this year’s Fan Guest of Honor) will happily show you how to scan and any fanzines you might happen to have.  There will also be some priceless fannish artifacts on display, as well as a couple of Hugo Awards.

A few words about our Dealer’s Room:  We have dealers from across the country offering for sale books, jewelry, costumes, coins, videos, music — come visit them and buy, buy, buy!

So, get ready to start meeting, and have a great weekend!

Matthew B. Tepper, Chair, Loscon 46