Music Programming

Music Program  (Meridian I, lobby level)

This year we are bringing you a varied program! That includes an instrumental jam– bring your guitars and whatever else you have– and come play with us! Join our drum circle where belly dancing is optional but welcome. if  you have a drum or any other percussion instrument, please bring it along, otherwise there will be loaners available. And if you are a dancer, come dance , clothed is the only restriction–all sizes and ages are welcome!
The music room will host a singalong (to some of your favorite movie, web, or tv  songs –but we are keeping them a mystery). Listen to  electronic music, anime music & video game music sessions. Come try out karaoke, too!  You know you want to get your star on!
We will have some amazing concerts including Tim Griffin’s amusing and educational music on Saturday. On Sunday, the Peaceniks: Alexandar Hull-Richter, Mark Richter, and Heide Nichols, will entertain you  with parodies, pop, and folk music from behind the Orange Curtain.
Finally, the Midwest’s own Charming McGillicuty will bring us his original works and filk concert.Music Room:

Hours: 2 PM – midnight Friday and Saturday (or when people stop singing)
12 noon – 6 PM Sunday

We thank Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow for all their help!

  • Friday:

2 PM  Drumming and Dance Circle (bring your drum or use a loaner!)
4 PM  Regency Dancing

6 PM Insta Filk contest starts: 24 hours to write a filk song

6PM  Poplock Holmes Concert  (Purveyor of Hillarious Steampunk Patter)

7 PM  Poker Chip Filk Circle (cash in chips on songs and requests)
10 PM Karaoke til closing (if you are singing sans discs or with instruments that’s okay too!)

  • Saturday:

2 PM Instrumental Jam with Gene! Bring whatever you play!
4 PM Tim Griffin Concert

(pause for set up for Insta Filk Judging)
6 PM Insta Filks performed/winner awarded

7 PM Fortune Cookie Filk Circle & ensuing mayhem

10 PM Karaoke til closing (same as above)

  • Sunday:

12 noon Saturday morning cartoon theme Sing A Long

1 PM   Charming McGillicuty Concert  (Matthew Morrese)
2 PM   Peaceniks Concert  (Alexandar Hull-Richter, Heide Nichols, Mark Richter)

3 PM  Chaos rules Filk Circle til close of convention room.

Music Room Rules 

Please be seated and quiet during concerts unless asked to join in

Please stay seated and singing during sing a longs

Sit means in the chairs, not on top of the backs or on other furniture.

During the drum circle, percussionists may sit or stand. There will be an open spot in the center for dancing. If you are not dancing, please stand outside the circle.

Filk Rules

(courtesy of Lee Gold and Melinda Hunter–only slightly altered)

Rule #0: Everyone who wants to participate gets a turn. The idea is to have fun!
Rule #1: No apologies before performing!!
Rule #2A: If you’re in a Bardic Filksong Circle, when it’s gets around to your turn, you can:
Play a tune, sing a song, tell a story,
Request that someone else play, sing or tell a story
Pick a subject and see if anyone’s written a song about it
Postpone your turn till later, or
Buy a vowel for $50
(in which case we all get pizza which we’ll eat during one of the longer songs).
Rule #2B: If you’re in a Chaos Filksong Circle, wait 3D6 microseconds after the last performer is done and then loudly strum your guitar or other instrument and start to play and/or sing
If you sing a capella, STAND UP and start to sing. (You can sit down once the room is obviously listening to you.).
Rule #3: PLEASE, take conversation into the hall if someone is performing.
Rule #4: No apologies after performing!!
Rule #5: If you do NOT want accompaniment say so. Otherwise we will join in at the darnedest times and in the darnedest keys.
Rule #7: Bawdy songs are traditionally sung after midnight.
Rule #8: Traditional folk songs are welcome. So are pop songs that seem to have something to do with with science fiction, fantasy, and spaceflight, science, cats, or basically anything fannish. (There is a lot of Kipling set to music)
Rule #9: No apologies in the middle of performing. If you need a restart, breathe and do so!
Rule #10: If someone asks people to turn off their recorders, do so. Otherwise, you may record whatever you like.
Rule #11: No apologies instead of performing. If you don’t want to perform, just say “Pass.”