Electronic Gaming

This year’s Electronic Gaming Room will be just like every other year’s room—and yet completely different. There will be tracks of constant gaming all weekend long featuring the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, as well as Classic Gaming stations, a lounge for portable gamers to chill out in, tournaments, special events and prizes, and general mayhem courtesy of the Electronic Gaming Staff.

The Rules

We’ve got some straightforward rules and regulations in Electronic Gaming, and they will be clearly posted everywhere:
1. No food or drink is allowed in Electronic Gaming at any time, unless you’re an Electronic Gaming staff member. Yes, we will eat right there in front of you, and make fun of you if you cry. We are trapped here all weekend, you get to leave and find sustenance at Karl’s.

2. No roughhousing. There are really no situations where body parts should be touching other body parts while in Electronic Gaming. The only real exception is when you shake the hand of the person who just defeated your ego because you’re a good sport.

3. Do not abuse any games, systems, peripherals, or staff members in Electronic Gaming. Anyone damaging equipment intentionally will have an equivalent weight in body parts removed by the VGR Staff; more likely your badge.

4. No unattended children under 12. The Electronic Gaming is funded primarily through the sales of unattended children to time traveling space weasels. Well, okay, the space weasels say they are time travellers.

5. You may bring your own controllers including joysticks for use in the VGR for Open Play and Tournaments. However, don’t be a cheating cheat with them. If you cheat in open gaming you’re just being a jerk. If you cheat in a tourney, you’re being a jerk and will be kicked out of the tournament at the very least.

6. No stealing. A terrible curse is laid on those who steal from the Electronic Gaming room: all your saved games will be corrupted and lost, right after you get further in your game than you ever have before. Beware!

7. No whining. Please note that this rule does not say: no suggestions, no feedback, no requests or no opinions. Just No Whining.


Tabletop Gaming:

Hours: 10 AM-midnight Friday and Saturday. 10 AM-4 PM Sunday
We are sponsored by Steve Jackson Games and Looney Labs


10 AM Loonacy Demo
12 PM Castellan
2 PM Munchkin Treasure Hunt Demo
4 PM Dicey SJ Games (Zombie Dice, Dino Hunt Dice, Cthulu Dice, and Chubacabra)
6 PM Open Gaming Demos/ Euro Games
8 PM Are You A Werewolf?
10 PM Cards Against Humanity 18+
10 AM Castellan Demo
12 PM Pathfinder RPG starts & Munchkin Pathfinder demo
2 PM Chaotic Draft for Magic the Gathering ($20)
4 PM Train Games (Ticket to Ride, Union Pacific, etc.)
6 PM Open Demos/ open gaming
8 PM Are You the Traitor?
10 PM Cards Against Humanity 18+Sunday:
10 AM Choose One
12 PM Regular Show Fluxx
12 noon Mahjongg
2 PM Open Demos
4 PM Tabletop closes.

Table Top Gaming Rules:

No Food or Drink at tables.

Sit on the Chairs, not the tables, or you will be asked to leave,

Respect and treat nicely the other players and the games.

The GM running the game is the authority: his/her word goes.

No abuse of people or game items.

Keep the noise level so that others are not disturbed (don’t swear or shout).

Don’t bring in music, e-games, vids or other noise makers—it is loud enough in here!

Leave an ID or Badge as collateral to check out a game,

Return games in the same condition you got them (all pieces included and put away neatly).

Clean up after yourself: garbage goes in the trash can not on the tables or floor.