Westercon 73 At Loscon 47

Westercon 73 Site Selection Ballot for Westercon 75

Chairman’s Message

  • Westercon 73 Business
  • Loscon 47 Membership Conversions from Westercon 73
The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) is aware of the situation with respect to Westercon 73, and we regret that the Seattle Westercon Organising Committee (SWOC) who won the bid for Westercon 73 has experienced the troubles it has.

LASFS will host the functions mandated in the Westercon Constitution for Westercon 73 at Loscon 47, held over Thanksgiving Weekend, 2021. This includes the Business Meeting and Site Selection voting. Scroll Down For Details.

Individuals who decline to get their memberships of Westercon 73 refunded from SWOC are welcome to attend Loscon 47. Those keeping their supporting memberships will be able to vote as well, but have no other participation. If the supporting members wish to attend Loscon 47, they may pay the difference, for the current attending rate and the supporting rate for Westercon 73.

All attending badged members at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 will be able to participate in Westercon 75 site selection. LASFS undertakes no other obligations for Westercon 73. All contracts and agreements made by SWOC in the name of Westercon 73 remain the responsibility of SWOC.

Please watch for further statements.
Karl Lembke
Board Chairman
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society



Tempe has Withdrawn

As was recently announced, Tempe has withdrawn its bid for the 2023 Westercon.

There is still time for one or more sites to announce their candidacy for the 2023 convention. The deadline for being on the ballot has passed, and because the filing deadline for the ballot is explicit in the Westercon Bylaws, Loscon 47/Westercon 73 cannot extend it. However, bids may still file to host Westercon 75, and there will be space on the ballot for writein bids. Any bid that files the required papers with the 2023 Site Selection Administrator prior to the close of voting at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 is eligible to win the election.


The 2023 Westercon Site Selection election will be held at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 in Los Angeles on the weekend of November 26-28, 2021. Ballots will go out to all members of Loscon 47/Westercon 73 by the end of September. All members of Loscon, whether attending or supporting, and including both those people who were already members of Loscon and those who told Westercon 73 to transfer their membership to Loscon 47, will be eligible to vote on site selection for Westercon 75.

Site Selection voting will be open at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 on Friday, with voting scheduled to close at 8 p.m. local time on Friday, November 27, 2021. If no eligible site wins through the normal election process, the Westercon Business Meeting on Saturday, November 28, will consider alternative arrangements. If the Business Meeting is unable to decide upon the site of Westercon 75, it will be determined by the board of directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, per the Westercon Bylaws.