VR: The Loscon In Our World

Virtual Reality at Loscon 47:

The Loscon In Our World Event

Loscon, Los Angeles’ Oldest Science Fiction Convention,  is Celebrating The Science in Science Fiction And the Fan in Fandom at our annual convention at the Marriott LAX. This year it’s personal.

And for the first time we are presenting: LOSCON WORLD via the platform altspacevr.com LIVE and In Real Life simultaneously with special guests, and opportunities to meet new and old friends in person.

VR activities designed exclusively for VR are taking place during the convention and At The Convention in a dedicated suite and is opening the stage where you can attend in person VR, hybrid VR-IRL, and exclusively in-person activities. Attending the three day convention provides the complete experience. Side-by-side are unique selected live convention programs and exclusive VR features.

All members with badges will have access to the VR Suite at Loscon. Come see it happen. All VR donors to Loscon will have exclusive privileges. REGISTER FOR THE MEMBERSHIP BADGE HERE

See below for donations.

Guest Matthew Medney

Donation Levels And Participation Premiums: Requiring your altspacevr.com User name. Altspacevr accepts multiple methods in addition to personal Microsoft email accounts to register on the platform (no business or school accounts). Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated and premiums are available at these levels only.


This level of donation allows the Sunday Kaffeeklatsch

This level allows the Sunday Kaffeeklatsch and an exclusive Loscon 47 NFT by artist Theresa Mather. 

Loscon In Our World

Loscon 47 in VR: Donations are requested for remote VR attendance.  See benefit information below.


Hybrid Panels (HB) There are planned up to four Hybrid panels. These panels will include both personal (IRL) and VR (Avatar) participants. There will be Q&A’s with the panelists. View in the room (recommended) or on your computer/headset.


Panels in Virtual Reality: These panels will be hosted solely in VR. They can be viewed in the dedicated VR Suite at Loscon or on your computer/headset. There will be Q&A’s.


Loscon 47 Panels 

Welcome To Loscon 47. It is the 47th annual Science Fiction convention of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Association.

There will be multiple panels in the main ballroom area that will only be personal (IRL). Some panels will include guests who are participants of VR. Walk into the room with your convention badge and take a seat. Strike up conversations if you feel like it and enjoy. There will be a program listing so you can decide on where to attend. In addition you can enjoy the entire convention with one convention membership purchase (or add a premium donation for the VR kaffeeklatsch with or without NFT.)  



This Loscon World VR event is made possible by the patron Golden Apple Comics, Iamcompubear, and tireless volunteers and loans of equipment and creativity. Loscon is a project of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation supported by donations. Donations benefit the LASFS and are tax deductible to the extent allowed. LASFS is the oldest Science Fiction and Fantasy organization in the world and has been holding weekly meetings since 1934 without interruption. Join with us on Thursdays. For information see lasfsinc.info.