Event Reservations In Advance

In some cases where seating is limited by more than the contemporary visiting scourge, aka Covid-19, advance reservations are required for the enjoyment of all participants.

Presenting the She Blinded Me With Science Tea Party

Woman Scientist Public Domain

To be held in three sittings (buy one, buy all) on November 28.

Tea sittings will be at 11AM, 1PM and 3PM. At 3PM choose the regular seating or the VIP option. Regular seating is $10 per member at each sitting reserved and VIP is $15 per member.

Tea and Losconviviality will safely be served:





VIP- Special edition tea with the Guests of Honor will be seated only at 3pm when you can reserve your table and take tea with

Jeff Sturgeon

Greg Benford

or Kristine and Dennis Cherry.