Covid 19 Update

Members and Friends,

    With the effects of the Covid-19  pandemic being felt in many sectors, we are not immune I’m afraid.  The fallout of these effects sadly means that we will be postponing Loscon until next year.  We are rescheduling Loscon 47 for Thanksgiving weekend of November 26th through November 28th, 2021.  We will be rolling Guests,  members, and dealer room participants over to next year.  


    Writer Guest Dr. Gregory Benford, our Artist Guest Jeff Sturgeon, and the Fan Guests of Honor Dennis and Kristine Cherry have all agreed to be there and look forward to next year.  There will be more info as we re-assemble our teams to bring this to fruition next year.  A general meeting to discuss this will be on Friday 6/19/2020 at 7:30 via jitsi meet.   This will be a very brief meeting just to touch base with members and staff.  The link is from most web browsers.  You only need to download an app if you are on IOS or Android.  As always you may use to ask questions and I look forward to seeing you all Thanksgiving weekend 2021


Loscon Chairman


Scott Beckstead


4 thoughts on “Covid 19 Update

  1. I can understand that some people are concerned about Covid-19, but is it not overkill to cancel Loscon 47? Are there no less extreme solutions?

    * California is already opening up. Loscon 47 isn’t till late November. Is it not premature to cancel now? Why not wait until September or October to decide?

    * Why not simply require masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and social distancing?

    * I know that many Loscon attendees are older — I’m in my late 50s — with underlying health conditions. They can still choose to stay home. Either way, they would be no worse off if Loscon 47 goes ahead.

    * I’m sure the hotel will gladly work with Loscon. If it’s to be a smaller Loscon, that’s better for the hotel than no Loscon. And fewer members will mean better social distancing.

    * If jobs are left unfilled due to fewer members, I’m sure many of those who attend will pick up the slack. I’d volunteer.

    * I’ve often screened horror films at Loscon, as part of the Tabloid Witch Film Festival, usually on Friday nights. If there’s a dearth of programming, I can screen on both Friday and Saturday nights.

    I respectfully request that the people in charge reconsider canceling Loscon.

  2. While I do appreciate your input it is not possible to rethink this decision. There have been a number of things that were not possible during this time and we have to think about our guests as well as our members.
    Thanks for your concern,

    Scott Beckstead

    Chairman Loscon 47

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