Regency Dance

By John Hertz


Naturally we will have Regency Dancing at Loscon 44.  If you don’t know how, I’ll teach you.

In a monarchy a regent rules in place of the monarch when the monarch is alive but unable to rule – too young, or away for a long time, and like that.  England had a regent during 1811-1820.  Actually it was a British Regency, but people often say “the English Regency”.

Historical costume will be welcome, but not required. When we do this at s-f cons people come in all kinds of costumes.  Or come as you are.

Since an era in history usually doesn’t start at an exact moment, the Regency period is often taken to mean the years around 1800.  Napoleon ruled Europe, and one of the all-time great wise-guys “Beau” Brummell more or less ruled England.  Right away you see the English had good priorities.

We fans delight in Georgette Heyer’s stories of Regency aristocrats.  She knew history and kept a light touch.  Her books started the fashion of Regency romances.

Book dealer Marty Massoglia says Heyer is his best selling author at cons.

Arabella has a fine meeting between the title character’s father and her unlikely sweetheart.  Cotillion is Fuzzy Pink Niven’s favorite.  A Civil Contract is a good story and satirizes romance novels too.

Jane Austen (1775-1817) is one of the great authors of all time.  But she writes for people of her own day, and doesn’t explain.

From our fannish point of view, she is like and alien wrting for other aliens.  Georgette Heyer is like an s-f author introducing us to them.

If you read fanzines, you know I told some of the tale in Mimosa.

Regency Dance will take place on Friday 24 November at 8:00pm in Atlanta/Boston.