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Title: Artemis Bridge Simulator Tournament
Description: Put you crew together and compete against others in the fun Bridge Simulator game. Hardware and Software will be provided, just bring your best skilled Captain, Pilot, Science Officer, Navigator, and Communications Officer to LosCon and sign up! Sign-ups are available on Friday, the Bridge opens at 10am on Sunday for competition slots where Crews will be put through a constant siege of an ever increasing number and difficulty of enemies for 20 minutes or until they perish. Scores will be tabulated by the amount and type of enemies destroyed at the end of each round, and Extra credit will be given to crews in any space-fearing costume/uniform.
There is limited space for a gallery, if you just want to watch.
Participants: Victor Lockhoff

Title: Belly Dance Workshop
Description: Learn Tribal Belly Dance and release your Geek
Participants: Lizet Madeira

Title: Captain’s Log, Stardate 16112527
Description: A flash fiction writing exercise! Let’s pretend we’re on a 5-year mission to discover new worlds and write our star logs. Be inspired by each other! Writing materials will be provided.
Participants: Jaymee Goh

Title: Corsets and Cosplay
Description: A lecture on filtering through the various online cosplay/costume corset and corsetry accessories sellers to help cosplayers be wise corset purchasers and wearers; how to care and maintain their corset and more importantly, how to play and stay in your corset during Cosplay.
Participants: Lady Shadow

Title: Dueling in the Honorverse
Description: A participatory workshop on personal duels in the world of Honor Harrington covering both the Dreyfus and Ellington protocols. Participants will simulate actual duels, in both protocols, with the use of Nerf pistols.
Participants: Christopher Beilby

Title: Elvish Language Workshop
Description: Get in touch with your inner Hobbit! Learn to read and speak Quenya, Tolkien’s Elvish language.
Participants: Will Morton

Title: Escape the Reevers
Description: You and eleven other people will have one hour to help Kaylee identify clues and solve the puzzles to escape from the Reevers. Click here for more info
Participants: Susan Melquiades

Title: Finding your voice and developing your brand!
Description: The most successful artist in the convention art show circuit have one thing in common, they stand out from the sea of winged cats, poorly drawn dragons, Poser rendered figures and scantly clothed barbarian women. Amid the sea of sameness, you get the occasional gem of Theresa Mathers, David Lee Pancake, David Martin and Jim Humble. These artist have developed their voice and learned how to turn it into a recognizable brand. In this work shop will, we will explore what it takes to make your art a recognized brand by showing you strategies of how to develop your own voice. How to make the most of your strengths and work around your weaknesses.
Participants: Peri Charlifu

Title: Getting started! Selling your work at conventions
Description: This is a general overview on how to sell and market your work at conventions. This can be applied to artists participating in art shows, artist alleys, and in dealers rooms. It covers finding your focus, searching for and dealing with art shows (Et al. at conventions), Your look, professionalism, things you will need to be successful, pricing strategies and more. This is an overview of what it takes t be a successful artist on the circuit. It is also good for non- artist to understand what artists charge what they do, why its important to support artists and how we enrich the (Geek) culture.
Participants: Peri Charlifu

Title: How Do I Find It?: Doing Research
Description: A librarian will show you research methods that will help you find that information you need as well as possible sources you may find helpful.
Participants: Val Ontell

Title: How to Panel at Conventions!
Description: Have you ever thought about doing a panel at a convention but didn’t know where to start? Well, now you can learn how from a man who, arguably, does too many. He may have a problem, but his problem is your solution! Join your host Victor Frost as he teaches you How to Panel at Conventions!
Participants: Victor Frost

Title: Klingon Language Workshop
Description: Learn to speak the language spoken by the Klingons of Star Trek
Participants: Will Morton

Title: Krypton Radio Acting Workshop
Description: Guests will read scenes from Krypton Radio’s new science fiction radio series, “Halfway Home: Adventures in the Asteroid Belt”. Learn how radio dramas are produced, how voice over artists work in production, and get a taste of this great new radio series. Be prepared to have fun and learn something in the process!
Participants: Gene Turnbow

Title: Let’s write a film!
Description: Help us make better sci-fi movies. LosCon attendees are some of the smartest, best read people in the world, and we would like your input in the films we’re making. This panel is a kind of pre-production focus group/round table. It is completely interactive – a back & forth discussion about the ideas we’re working on. There will be a trailer and we will “pitch” ideas to the audience. We absolutely welcome the audience to shout “CLICHE” when they hear one and also clap if they hear something they like. All input & ideas are welcome!
Participants: Geoffrey Mark

Title: Life in the current middle ages
Description: Do you go to the renaissance fair every year? Consider Mediaeval Times a fun dinner out? Do you own multiple copies of Monty Python and the Holy Frail, and/or The Princess Bride? Then you should consider the SCA. We recreate all aspects of the middle ages and renaissance, including armored and rapier combat, and will be demonstrating add much add we can at Los Con. Stop by and see what it’s all about.
Participants: Melissa Campbell

Title: Make Your Own Steampunk Medal
Description: Learn some basic sewing and assemblage skills as you create your very own steampunk medal that you can proudly pin on your chest and wear for the rest of the weekend!
Participants: Anastasia Hunter

Title: Parasol and Raygun Decorating
Description: Make Kaylee’s parasol or join the Parasol Protectorate. A child friendly workshop where participants can personalize a silk parasol and/or small raygun with LEDs and sound. Materials are $5 for the raygun and $10 for the parasol. Sharpies are used, so children must be old enough to safely use them.
Participants: Steve Frankel

Title: People of Color Dinner
Description: Meet other fans of color and celebrate infinite diversity in infinite forms together! Hostesses Isabel and Jaymee will make sure you don’t feel alone on the big spaceship. Meet in the lobby and we’ll head out to dinner together. Everyone pays for their own meal, so bring some money.
Participants: Jaymee Goh

Title: Pokeadventure!
Description: Come join your fellow pokemon trainers for a local poke adventure. We will meet at the pokestop on the patio and wander from there.
Participants: David Mohajer-Rahbari

Title: Preparing a portfolio for the beginning artist
Description: Preparing a portfolio and approaching shops and galleries. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a professional looking portfolio! We will talk about what to include, the tricks and ideas from an artist who has been there!
Participants: Peri Charlifu

Title: Presenting your work!
Description: Learn how to take a finished piece and get it ready for presentation. Most art shows will not take a piece of work that is not at least matted. Learn how to mount, mat and frame your work. You’re a 3D artist? You need to know how to present that as well.
Participants: Peri Charlifu

Title: Project Funway
Description: Calling all CosPlayers, Costumers, aspiring fashion designers, and creative people who like to make stuff! LosCon is pleased to announce Project Funway. Two teams, one giant pile of STUFF, and let your imagination run wild! Event will run Saturday afternoon, with the completed outfits to be presented Saturday night at the Masquerade. Check out the Project Funway FAQ for more info.
Participants: Dorothy O’Hare

Title: Rogue Read & Critique
Description: Bring 1200-1500 words of a work in progress. In a supportive environment we’ll listen and give feedback.
Participants: Robert Mitchell Evans

Title: Shotokan Karate Workshop
Description: Participate in a class on the traditional martial art of Shotokan karate. This class is primarily for persons who have never trained, and consists of learning motion for one block, one punch, and one kick, which will be incorporated in faux kata and sparring. The curriculum is designed to be safe, with no contact involved, and an exertion level of low impact aerobics. Instructors are Dr. Keith G. Kato (4th dan) and Kenn S. Bates (3rd dan).
Participants: Keith Kato, Kenn Bates

Title: Something Wonderful Right Away
Description: Learn a series of Improv/theater games that can help you with developing character, public speaking and are really fun
Participants: Elizabeth Eve King (E.E. King)

Title: Star Trek Music and Sound
Description: Beam behind the scenes and hear iconic music and innovative sounds of Star Trek:TOS and the Trek Universe. We’ll explore how amazing sounds made history and live on today. Spock’s Battle Theme will be played!
Participants: David Raiklen

Title: Stitch and Bitch
Description: Come by, stitch a bit and bitch if you wish. A selection of yarn, needles and patterns supplied if you haven’t brought your own. Relax for a while and reenergize for the next event or workshop.
Participants: Priscilla Atwell

Title: Tai Chi Workshop
Description: Join us for an hour of the Chinese health system with our resident expert, Steven Barnes. Open to all levels, wear loose clothes and a playful attitude.
Participants: Steve Barnes

Title: The Do’s and Don’ts of Humorous Writing
Description: Stand-up comedian Will Morton shares tips of what works and what doesn’t in writing humorous genre literature. Audience participation will occur!
Participants: Will Morton

Title: The Nuts and Bolts of Art Shows
Description: With this workshop I cover the nuts and bolts of art shows, what you need to prepare for them, what you have to do at the shows, or if your shipping, how to ship to shows, and what you need to do to keep track of everything that has gone on after the shows. I will talk about paper work, record keeping, and dealing with art show personal in person and over e mail. This is also good for art show staff, to get the other side of the coin.
Participants: Peri Charlifu

Title: Trivia for Chocolate
Description: Come demonstrate your knowledge of all things Fannish.
Participants: Steve Frankel