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Theme – Starship Loscon

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Title: What if Star Trek Had Never Existed?
Description: For the 50th Anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, Wired posed this very question. What would sci-fi, fandom, technology, and society look like? Join authors, scientists, and fans in a discussion of an alternate universe without the federation, phasers, and the legacy of the USS Enterprise.
Participants: Brad Lyau, Daryl Frazetti, David Raiklen, Steve Frankel, Brian K. Lowe, Michael Siladi

Title: Axanar Q&A
Description: Ask Alec Peters and other members of the Axanar production team about the Axanar fan film experience, the joys of working with some of the most cherished veterans of Star Trek, the thrill of doing new things in this beloved universe, and the “L” word, and how things are going in the courts!
Participants: David Gerrold, Alec Peters, others TBD

Title: Futuristic Fashions
Description: William Shatner had to wear a corset for his Starfleet uniform. Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine infamously wore a catsuit. Futuristic fashions of yore seem to be either weirdly scaled down, or went a haute couture sort of way. What do today’s producers of science fiction predict to be our future fashions? What would we like to wear to space, and what should we avoid? Shouldn’t Starfleet uniforms have pockets?
Participants: Barbara Hambly, S. B. Divya, Geoffrey Mark, Aviya Amir, Kevin Roche, Taliesin Jaffe

Title: Redshirts and Bodycount
Description: Star Trek, with its many generations and recent reboot, gives us the opportunity to consider the way stakes and violence have been portrayed in media from the 60s until today. Is it possible to have high stakes without violence? Is the threat of death always necessary? How does an exceptionally nonviolent movie like Star Trek IV hold up today? Is sanitized violence in fact more offensive than ‘honest’ violence? And is there actually any reason to strive for nonviolence, if the audience is enjoying it?
Participants: Aviya Amir, Mel Gilden, Thomas Sipos, Robert Mitchell Evans, Brad Lyau