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Science Fiction

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Title: It SHOULD Be Science Fiction But
Description: There are some pretty terrific things out there which one might think would be science fiction. There are also some pretty horrific things out there which one might think should be science fiction, but is not. From scary animals, to incredible technological advancements, what are your favourites of things that one would think would be science fiction or fantasy, but are not?
Participants: Laura Pearlman, David Raiklen, Laura Frankos, Michael Siladi, Brad Lyau

Title: Love Is Real, True Buckaroos! The Chuck Tingle Panel
Description: Chuck Tingle was a joke nomination for the Hugos, but his presence in self-publishing unabashedly explicit gay science fiction erotica with space dinosaurs, unicorns, and anthropomorphized issues of the day has taken the world by storm! Let’s talk about the mysterious, quixotic figure that is Chuck Tingle, his audacious work, and how we all can help prove love is real like true buckaroos.
Participants: Mark Oshiro, Jaymee Goh, Martin Young

Title: Military Science Fiction – A Retrospective
Description: A look back at Military SF, from Wells to Weber.
Participants: Christopher Beilby

Title: People of Color In Spaaaaaaace!
Description: You can hate on the idea but we’ll be there! What kinds of spaaaaace stories do we want to see ourselves in? What would make a POC-in-space story be different, aside from skin colour? What stories have we read recently that is about non-white people in space that we really liked, and which makes us look forward to the future?
Participants: Gregg Castro, Eric Atkinson, Isabel Schechter

Title: Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcasts
Description: Join our panelists for a discussion of the most popular Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcasts available today. Come learn and share favorites for listening to stories, reviews, advice for writers, and Science Fiction and Fantasy culture.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Laura Pearlman, S.B. Divya

Title: Science, Fiction, and Politics: Shaping Reality
Description: Come join our panel of people working in science and science fiction for a discussion of how science, and science fiction affects politics – and vice versa.
Participants: S.P Hendrick, Harry Turtledove, Robert Mitchell Evans, Bradford Lyau, E.E. King

Title: Where is my flying car?! Asks a New Generation
Description: Science fiction promised us the stars in the 21st century… well, we’re here and I don’t even own a single jetpack! What gives? In this panel, we’ll talk about all the sci-fi technology that didn’t happen and the ones that, surprisingly, did.
Participants: Victor Frost, S.B. Divya, Chris Holcomb, Shannon Muir

Title: Climate Change: Fact & Fiction
Description: Come discuss the best (and worst) of climate change fact and fiction with our panelists.
Participants: Tim Cassidy-Curtis (M), Alfred Nash, Will Morton