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Programming for Loscon 43 is underway! Click here for the schedule.

Programming will start at noon on Friday and go until 5:00 pm Sunday

If you are interested in participating in Loscon 43 please take a few minutes and fill out our
Program Participant Application Form

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Here is a current list of all Programming Participants as of 8/14/16

Barbara Hambly
Donald F. Glut
S. P. Hendrick
Larry Niven
Marv Wolfman
Jerry Pournelle
Geoffrey Mark
Bradford Lyau
Harry Turtledove
Brandon Easton
Eric Atkinson
Craig Miller
Gwendolyn Womack
Mel Gilden
Jaymee Goh
Tim Powers
Richard Foss
Thomas M. Sipos
Chris Butler
Victor Frost
Laura Frankos
Todd McCaffrey
Keith G. Kato
Tina Beychok
Joni Labaqui
Isabel Schechter
Genny Dazzo
Alfred Nash
David Raiklen
Elonda Castro
Maria Alexander
Gregory Benford
Joyce McCarthy
Gregg Castro
John DeChancie
Daryl G. Frazetti
John R Blaker
Laurie Tom
Larry Burch
Erika Ishii
Martin Young
Steven Barnes
Tanana Rive Due
Eric Flint
Susan Frank