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Humor and Improv

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Title: A Shot Rang out
Description: Improvised storytelling under pressure of time and madness. See us invent stories and characters too bizarre for fiction just so we can set up random lines the audience picked for us.
Participants: Martin Young (M), E.E. King, Joyce McCarthy, John DeChancie, Laura Pearlman, Craig Miller, S.P Hendrick

Title: Are You Kidding?
Description: The audience provides; person (or job), place, and thing. The moderator creates a story and dumps the next panelist into it, then that panelist continues the story, dumping the *next* panelist into it in round-robin fashion.
Participants: Todd McCaffrey (M), David Gerrold, Harry Turtledove, Craig Miller, E.E. King, Joyce McCarthy

Title: Show me me the MEME
Description: An improvised comedy panel where panelists are forced to improvise a meme on the spot based on a randomly seslected meme photo and an equally randomly selected topic. We invite the audience to contribute their favorite topics and photos throughout the weekend for use at this panel

Title: The Delphic Oracle
Description: 4-6 panelists answer questions from the audience, one person at a time, one word at a time until an answer is given or everyone goes insane.
Participants: Todd McCaffrey (M), Tim Powers, Laura Pearlman, Martin Young, Harry Turtledove, S. P. Hendrick, Tim Cassidy-Curtis

Title: Todd McCaffrey hosts: Are You A Werewolf?
Description: It’s not a panel, it’s a game. But it includes Fluffy (the village rooster) and the Angels of Death for fun and frolicks in the Middle Ages.
Participants: Todd McCaffrey