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Title: A Primer on Worldbuilding
Description: Authors of science fiction and fantasy discuss how they build the worlds in which their stories and characters live
Participants: David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Greg Benford, Ken Burnside, Laura Frankos, Debra Holland

Title: The Heroine’s Journey
Description: You know all about the classic hero’s journey—now learn about the heroine’s! We’ll chart the heroine’s journey step-by-step from ancient myths to modern reimaginings like Coraline and The Force Awakens. Rather than a sword, the questing heroine wields magic slippers, a mirror, a chalice. Only after she has defeated her dark side, the wicked witch, can she grow into a bestower of wisdom in this beloved pattern favored by fantasy readers and writers. Like the hero’s journey, this pattern is useful for those who enjoy reading and analyzing literature, and also those who want to write it, especially fantasy and coming of age stories. Today the heroine is gaining power as big budget films like the Narnia and The Hunger Games series fill the screens. It’s an important reminder that fantasy is not just for boys.
Participants: Valerie Estelle Frankel

Title: The Social Politics of Romantic Fantasy
Description: Romantic Fantasy is often characterized not just by sword and sorcery, but a focus on social structure and geopolitical intreigue. How have romantic fantasy stories changed in response to shifting sociopolitical climates?
Participants: Steve Frankel, Laura Frankos, Barbara Hambly, Valerie Estelle Frankel,

Title: Queer Eye for Sci-Fi
Description: There is a long and complex history of queerness in science fiction, from queer-coded villains in pulp novels to the more diverse spectrum of characterization in the last decade. Join panelists as they discuss the history of queerness within the genre, both the good and the bad.
Participants: Mark Oshiro, Martin Young, David Gerrold

Title: You’re a banker Harry!
Description: How does the financial sector function in Harry Potter’s universe: Do wizarding bank accounts earn interest? Or does Gringots function more like a vault system? In which cause there must be upkeep. So the wizards with money at Gingots pay them to keep their money safe like a giant safety deposit box? Is Gringots a lending agency? Can you get a mortgage there?