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Fan Culture

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Title: Colleagues as Family
Description: Former and Current GoHs discuss the close relationships that develop in the SF community
Participants: David Gerrold, Harry Turtledove, Barbara Hambly, Michael Siladi

Title: Convention Revival or Too Damn Many New Cons?
Description: New conventions seem to pop up daily whether it be a new comic con or a media specific con or other niche con. Join us as we discuss how this relatively new trend has this impacted conventions decades old and how do we see this impacting our future fan demographics in the next few years.
Participants: Anastasia Hunter, Michael Siladi, Val Ontell, Isabel Schecter _ Daryl Frazetti, Bradford Lyau, Mark Oshiro, Tina Beychok

Title: Geeks Got Your Back!
Description: We probably all know about various grassrooots efforts against harassment at cons efforts against harassment at cons, such as Cosplay is Not Consent or Backup Ribbon Project. But what else can we do to keep each other safe at cons?
Participants: Tina Beychok (M), Ben Massoglia, Victor Shapero, Jonnalyhn Wolfcat, Justine Reynolds

Title: Mainstreaming the geek
Description: How has geek culture becoming more mainstream affected how fans relate to media and to each other? Alternatively, is the idea that (some elements of) geek culture are becoming more mainstream a nostalgic illusion?
Participants: Taliesin Jaffe, Tina Beychok

Title: Mead Panel
Participants: Mark Poliner

Title: Reboots, Reimagining and Fandom
Description: In recent years, fan favorite properties such as STAR TREK, VOLTRON, and others have received revivals that re-envisioned the concepts to varying degrees. What are the impacts on fandom, old and new?
Participants: Shannon Muir, Daryl Frazetti, Laurie Tom, Steve Frankel, Aviya Amir

Title: Religious Drinking, or, The Modern Dionysios!
Description: Discussion of ecstasy and exhaltation whether sensual, drunken, sacred or all three. Panelists should be brewers, drinkers and religious thinkers.
Participants: Mark Poliner, John Blaker, Martin Young

Title: Social Media and Fandom
Description: What impact has the rapid explosion of social media outlets had on science fiction and fantasy fandom? Does it bring more fans together or scatter them into specialized groups? Are some forms of social media more effective than others? A diverse panel shares their thoughts and experiences.
Participants: Shannon Muir, Taliesin Jaffe, Valerie Estelle Frankel, Joyce McCarthy, Mark Oshiro

Title: The path to fandom
Description: The ways in which the relationship between creator and fandom have changed do to the sudden availability of creators and community on social media and how it has affected the way media is created, consumed and distributed…
Participants: Taliesin Jaffe,

Title: Whisk(e)y Appreciation Panel
Description: Many know that whisk(e)y is the finest drink in the land, but exactly why is that? We’ll discuss exactly what makes whisk(e)y and the finest of them all: single-malt scotch! And we might even go over what the (e) means, and gain a better appreciation of the difference
Participants: Bino Gopal, Martin Young

Title: It WAS Science Fiction But
Description: Star Trek and other science fictional works have inspired great inventions. The power of imagination spurred by science fiction has gone on to create wonderful things in our material reality. What are some of these inventions? What are some social changes that have come because we dreamed better in our fiction?
Participants: Eric Atkinson; Isabel Schecter; Mark Oshiro;