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Title: Cultural Themes in XMEN
Description: Discussion examines the array of cultural themes represented in the XMEN franchise, how XMEN acts as cultural teacher/mirror via its role as contemporary myth. Also discussed is the ongoing need for comics and characters such as those depicted in XMEN and their impact on individual identity as well as overall cultural change.
Participants: Daryl G. Frazetti

Title: DC Nation
Description: DC Entertainment has launched an Extended Universe. Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are very well recieved successes. The Movies are making a space for themselves while Marvel Phase 3 plays out. The Animated Universes are growing and expanding. Join us as we discuss the future of the DC film and television universe.
Participants: Marv Wolfman, Taliesin Jaffe, Donald F. Glut, Valerie Estelle Frankel

Title: Depicting People of Color In Visual Media
Description: Scott McCloud claims that comics relies on visual shorthands, which leads to stereotypical depictions of non-white people, e.g. yellow skinned Asians. Artists unused to drawing Black hair assume that drawing a white woman and giving her dark brown skin is enough. What are the problems we see in how artists depict POC? What are some steps to take in moving away from that? What are some really good depictions of POC in comix?
Participants: Nilah Macgruder

Title: The Changing Face of Comics: How Diversity Makes More Fans
Description: The panel is meant to discuss how the inclusion of characters in the hero space that are not traditionally seen is helping to spread fandom.
Participants: Nikia Chaney, Eric Atkinson (M), Valerie Estelle Frankel, Gregg Castro, Taliesin Jaffe