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Title: Artistic Patronage in the Modern Age
Description: Artists in the new media age are experiencing an interesting resurgence of individual patronage, through patreon, kickstarter, and gofund me. But at the same time, theft by individuals and corporations is more prolific and harder to stop. Let’s talk about how to support art in the modern age?

Title: Commission Work: The joys, pitfalls and just plain weirdness
Description: It is hard enough for the artist to do their work when they are trying to realize their vision, then throw in someone who has no art training or even any taste and you can see the dilemma! We will discuses why it is so hard to do someone else’s vision and why some of us have given up on commission work all together.
Participants: Peri Charlifu, Joyce McCarthy

Title: Ethics and art: When is it OK to push the limits
Description: How do ethics effect the artist, we will talk about different ideas and situations, including pricing, copy right infringement, stealing ideas, borrowing themes, payment from art shows, taxes and how we treat each other!
Participants: Peri Charlifu, Victor Frost, Martin Young, Maria Alexander, Greg Castro

Title: Frank Kelly Freas: Tales of an Artist
Description: Enjoy a conversation with Jacqui Freas Baric, daughter of Frank Kelly Freas, on his life and career. Enjoy original examples of his artwork, from NASA to Star Trek.
Participants: Jacqui Freas Baric, Joyce McCarthy

Title: Have you paid your dues? Alternative market place: Where to sell your art outside doing cover art
Description: Let’s face it, it’s a tough world for the artist and even tougher for the artist trying to break into the magazine and book cover world. Let our Panel of professionals give you some hints about other ways to make it big in the art world!
Participants: Peri Charlifu, Geoffrey Mark

Title: Is Digital art cheating?
Description: The trend in art, especially at convention art shows, seems to be moving to the digital medium. Is push button art cheating, or is there more to it then that? Can a monkey do digital art, or does it still take skill, knowledge and creativity? This is a good panel for other artists to sit in on
Participants: Peri Charlifu, Victor Frost, Chris Butler