Bobbi Armbruster

Bobbi Armbruster!?!?

How can Loscon have been going on this long and *not* had Bobbi as a Fan Guest of Honor before now?

Bobbi’s been a part of science fiction Fandom in Los Angeles for longer than she (or I) care to admit we’ve been alive. Except for a few years when she lived in Germany, she’s been the life of the party of fandom hereabouts (and broken more than a few hearts).

But it’s not just parties. Bobbi has been actively involved with all of the World Science Fiction Conventions held locally since the 1980s. And not just locally. Her planning and administrative skills — and her ability to walk emotional and political minefields and keep people working together happily — have made her someone sought out to help run Worldcons all over the planet.

Let’s see. Friendly and outgoing, talented, organized, politically adept, helpful, and fun to be around. Yep. Long past time Bobbi was celebrated as Loscon’s Fan Guest of Honor.