Cal Cotton

Calvin R. Cotton, 65, of Westminster, peacefully passed away, April 26, 2014 from a hard fought battle with brain cancer.

He was born in Oakland Ca, to Elijah Cotton and Clara Cobb, graduated from Compton High and received Bachelor degrees in History and Political Science from Dominguez Hills University. He is a Veteran of the Viet Nam War and later went into Civil Service as a Court Clerk and Safety Police Officer.

He was treasured by thousands who encountered his character’s entertaining at numerous Renaissance Faires, Civil War and Western Reenactments, Science Fiction and Anime Conventions, always in a variety of costume representing everything from historical figures to fantasy; Co-owner of the Hornsmythe, spent his spare time practicing photography, art, and writing both screenplays and poetry.

Cal Cotton “The Moor Tarik” has selflessly entertained thousands over the last 20 years at various Renaissance faires, Civil war reenactments, and other historical living history events through out the Western United States. Cal is educated in Western and African American history and has volunteered countless hours sharing that knowledge with students and teachers alike.