Letter From Chairs

As the chairs of Loscon 42, Robbie and I would like to welcome you to “The Hitchhikers Guide to Loscon”. We are looking forward to a fun filled year, what with going to different conventions, and of course meeting all of you.

We’d like to introduce our Guests of Honor: Artist David B. Mattingly. David is a Matte Artist, with numerous credits in the film industry. But he is best known as the cover artist for the Honor Harrington series. You can find his work here.

Our Fan Guest of Honor is Bobbi Armbruster. Bobbi is known as a convention runner extraordinaire. Bobbi has been on numerous Con Committees, and was Vice-Chair of L.A con IV, and is currently Co-Chair of SMOF Con 32. She is a member of SCIFI, and a Founding Director, former Chair, and former Vice Chair for Projects.

Our Writer Guest of Honor is Jim C. Hines. Jim is an American fantasy writer. He is the author of one non-fantasy novel, Goldfish Dreams, described on the author’s website as a “mainstream rape-awareness novel”. He is also the author of the Magic Ex Libris series and The Princess Series, as well as Jig the Goblin Series. Jim’s website can be found here.
Look for more updates as we journey to the end of the galaxy and beyond.

– Robbie Bourget & Marcia Minsky