In order to encourage you all to participate more in your convention, Loscon, we have some competitions for you. Some easy, some harder.


The first is a Decorate Your Towel contest. For all of you who have your Loscon 42 towel already, use your imagination to embellish it in any way possible: fabric paint, embroidery, bejeweling, color sharpies, or whatever. We will award a free membership to Loscon 43 to the winner along with a coupon good for $20 in the hotel restaurant this year. We will have an artist (to be named later) as the judge.  You bring your towel to the con to a place to be named later for judging!


The second is for all you Cosplayers out there. Rather than have one of our staff handing our Hall Costume awards, we are going to give 5 coupons to every member of the convention. These Hall Costume coupons can be given by each member singly or multiply to any costume that they fancy. The Cosplayers who garners any coupons, turns these in to our Information desk, who will add them up on Sunday at lunchtime. There will be three winners: first, second and third. First place gets a free membership to Loscon 43 and a Starbucks coupon. Second place will get a Starbucks coupon. All three will receive a rosette declaring them to have been winners in our Hall Costume Competition, which will be presented at closing ceremonies.


The third is a Writing Contest for our aspiring writers. There are three categories: youth (6-12), young adult (13-20), and adult (21 plus). We are looking for your best fantasy or science fiction between 500 and 1000 words; the youth and young adults may supplement their word count with illustrations (each one worth 50 words). We will be having a professional writer (to be named later) judge this competition. All submissions for this competition must be received by October 31, 2015. Prizes are still being decided but expect them to be on the order of the previous contests and likely a bit nicer.  Submit your entry to