Friday Night Events

Join us for an wonderful evening starting with an Ice Cream Social.

Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a timeSorry Zombies, ice cream is for living humans.  And for the living humans, we will once again be enjoying that annual Thanksgiving tradition: The Ice Cream Social and Liquid Nitrogen surprise flavors.

Your frozen mad scientists are brewing up a truly steampunk celebration of  Glacies Edibilis.

After the Ice Cream Social, we hope you will stick and join us for our Annual Talent Show!  The kids have been working all year on this one.

Sunnydale High’s Annual Talent Show

Just going through the motions? Don’t be a Zeppo, be a watcher as your fellow students and faculty put their skills on display and vamp for the audience! There’s a lot at stake as they risk their reputation to slay ’em in the aisles- come be an angel or give ’em hell as they do it once more with feeling!