LARPing is interactive storytelling.  You become one of the characters, solving puzzles and having adventures.  We have a wide variety of Live Games happening throughout the convention at different times with different subjects and generas.

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Vampires vs Werewolves
Come join our game of Wolves and fangs!
It’s sure to be a bloody delight,


Noon – 4:00 pm
Wedding Survivor

16 Players (cross-casting against gender is allowed)
No experience or costuming necessary
4 hours

The hottest young couple of Hollywood has decided to tie the knot on a beautifully secluded tropical (and volcanic) island in the Pacific.  But they’ve been so busy with their careers that they let their mothers plan the blessed event.  What could possibly go wrong?  Wedding Survivor is a 4-hour, theater-style live role-playing game of cooperation and adventure with a splash of dark humor.


Time Travel Review Board – designed by Alleged Entertainment, run by Aaron Vanek

12-24 players, pre-made characters
No experience needed or costuming necessary
Very easy, fun
2-3 hours

Tragically-killed puppies. Embarassing TV gaffes. Burned toast.

These everyday tragedies are relics of the past now that time travel has been invented! But who will safeguard the past from those who would tamper with it for malicious purposes?

On November 23rd, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104. Please come prepared to explain your project and the larger impact of your work.

History will be made (and unmade) as a horde of would-be time travelers descend upon our beleaguered review board. What will the past be tomorrow?

Time Travel Review Board is a light comedy horde LARP dealing with everything from the politics of Ancient Egypt to the King of Rock and Roll.


Two Women and a Scent of Marzipan – designed and run by Aaron Vanek

8+ players (cross-casting against gender is allowed)
2 hours
No prior experience nor costuming needed. Just an open mind for comedy, drama, and patty-cake.

A Horde-style comedy adventure larp inspired by the “Road to…” movies of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Two female bakers need marzipan to make a cake for the Queen. This means a QUEST!

Genre: Comedy adventure with occasional drama
What kind of players: Players who want to engage their physical, mental and emotional aspects, players who like to play many characters and those who like to be NON-epic heroes.

6:00 pm-midnight

Starship Valkyrie: The Cetian War
12 to 25 people
6 hours

Starship Valkyrie is a science fiction-themed cooperative LARP. As a player you take the role of an engineer, scientist, starfighter pilot, officer, or medic.  Each activity on the ship is represented by a task – puzzles for engineers, a fast-paced boardgame for pilots, and other challenges. The rules are simple, but can interact in complex ways. Any character can have a positive impact on the outcome of the mission. Step forward and join the ERS Valkyrie and defend the Earth Republic. United and Strong!


TIme Travel: Unofficial Usage
Have you ever had something so bad happen that you would do anything to fix it? Like, go back in time to fix it?

As a follow-up to “Time Travel Review Board,” “Time Travel: Unofficial Usage” is a game about what happens when the access codes to the Time Machine get hacked after hours, and everyone with a regret, a grudge, or a mistake in their past shows up to fix things. Heavy on improv and highly ridiculous, this game draws in equal portions from “Jerks with Time Machines” (by Steffen Carstensen) and “10 Bad Larps” ( Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Greer Hauptman). If you’re looking to play an unpleasant person doing bad things, look no further!