Toy Drive

There is the fun side to Loscon and there is the community side to Loscon.

Part of our ongoing participation in the greater world is our various charity events (Blood Drive, Locks for Love, Book Drive, David Gerrold’s APLA Auction, S.F. Outreach Project donation stop), the longest running and most consistent of which is our toy drive.

Loscon 39 will happily continue this tradition. Toys should be new, in their original packing, and unwrapped. An exception will be made for stuffed animals (Stuffies) as long as they are clean and in mint condition.

Thing’s that seem to go over well are books, sports gear, games, and other wonderful things fans imaginations conjure out of the ether. If you forget ahead of time, there’s always an amazing selection of possible items available in the dealer’s room.

For over two decades the generosity of Loscon members has brought thousands of smiles and sparks to their sense of wonder to kids. Please add a smile to the collection and bring along an item for the Loscon Toy Drive.

 I am looking forward to seeing you all this year.

Toy Drive Chair: George Mulligan.